First Things First

So here we are. Both the Facebook page and the website have been launched. Fingers crossed. And since we are just starting up I wanted to take a moment to explain this blog's purpose.

First of all, I am NOT looking to keep a travel/photo/opinion blog. The idea is to post an entry when something interesting ocurrs regarding the Spanish lessons I teach.

I'll write about new students that I come across but only in general terms, in an attempt to describe some struggles that other language students might relate to. I'll refrain from including any names or specific details.

Finally, I will post useful self-generated material now and again. I am definitely not trying to amass a comprehensive description of the Spanish grammar but brief summaries can be very helpful when dealing with topics that are particularly tricky.

And since we are on the subject, here's the first file. This is an overview on the conjugation and meaning of simple verbal tenses.

Hope the resources found here are ultimately useful to anybody looking to learn Spanish. And of course, feel free to contact me at any time.

Peace Out.