Piece Of Cake

Hello again.

Quickly writing a few lines about a new teaching dynamic I’m in the middle of right now. After doing this job for 5 years I think it is fair to say that I’ve dealt with students at all levels. However I’ve just recently started teaching four members of the same family. Two young teens and their parents. Back to back sessions. This is a new scenario, and an exciting one.

Finding the proper way to engage younger students is considerably more difficult than teaching adults. For the most part, kids want to learn ready-to-use, interesting vocabulary, day in and day out. Whereas adults might be inclined to ask why a specific grammar structure works the way it does, the same lenghty explanation comes across as extremely dull and unappealing to kids.

So far it seems they are all picking up the pace pretty quickly, even though their level is basic. Thanksgiving was a good excuse to practice some phrases for these end of the year holidays and celebrations. It’s always a good idea to use current events or special dates to introduce new concepts.

And now, another summary. This time is about some of the most common idioms, including the Spanish equivalent of “piece of cake”, “let bygones be bygones”, “to turn a blind eye” and more.

That’s all for now.

Peace Out.