Slowly But Surely

It’s been three weeks since the website and the FB page were launched, and people’s response has been awesome. Eight new students. Some located here in Mexico City, the rest in a few different countries.

This is very exciting. Every time I get a new student it feels like an opportunity for me to build a new bridge, a specific path that will allow them to confidently improve their understanding of Spanish.

Because it’s always a very specific path, different for everyone. Over time I’ve realized that no matter how many students that share the same level you get, you can’t teach them in the exact same manner. It’s a bit different if a couple of friends want to take lessons together because their shared interest might actually be an advantage, since they are likely to encourage and motivate each other.

But even then, you need to find out what subjects are more appealing to them and use those as your primary building blocks. For instance, right now due to my students’ vastly different interests, any given day I can be talking about either the US elections, hip hop music, fishermen’s slang in northern Mexico or mixed martial arts. Any topic can be used as a tool to teach Spanish. Pretty cool, huh?

Finally, I’ll leave another brief grammar explanation here. This document deals with the tricky topic of direct and indirect objects, as well as reflexive verbs. Feel free to download it.

That’s all for now.

Peace Out.