On this section you will find additional resources to help you in your learning. All this content comes from external sources I have no involvement with. I have only listed here what, in my opinion, is good quality material that can aide Spanish students.

I put together this playlist to help students struggling with pronunciation issues. All the videos come from the YouTube channel Butterfly Spanish. The presenter, Ana, has an amazing attitude and is also quite funny. She mainly explains concepts in English. Designed for beginners.


Study Spanish is a great option to practice pronunciation and grammar, but its best feature is definitely their customized verb-drilling quizzes. You can choose not only the topic but also the number of questions in each quizz. Super helpful and thorough. Mostly for basic level students.


Despite its stripped-down look, Practical Spanish contains many useful reading exercises and short stories, each with its own audio recording. It even has an absolute beginners level. Readings for all levels.


Coffee Break Spanish is a podcast, part of the Coffee Break Languages series by Radiolingua. The teacher, Mark, has an actual student in studio with him, Kara. The progress is very gradual and they explain everything in terms of everyday situations. Great for basic and intermediate students.


Although its original version is in German, the website Todo-Claro has a ton of interactive grammar exercises that can help clarify the use of many tenses and tricky topics. There are some glitches in their answer review algorithm but this is still a great resource. For beginners and intermediates.


News in Slow Spanish is another podcast, aimed at students with prior knowledge of Spanish. Although you must pay to get access to the full lessons the first 5 episodes are free. And you can find a helpful grammar lesson next to the podcast transcript. Basic and intermediate level.


Here's another video playlist, this time for more proficient students. All the material comes from the YouTube channel CuriosaMente. They talk about a variety of topics, mostly scientific. You can set the speed at 0.75 since the narrator speaks a bit fast. Intermediate and advanced level.


If you want to learn a great deal of history in just a few minutes this playlist is for you. It's all from the YouTube channel Academia Play. Great production quality and a good opportunity to improve your listening skills. Remember to change the settings to a 0.75 speed. Advanced students.


Fundación del Español Urgente is a great multi-front initiative that promotes proper spelling in Spanish. Besides being a grammar-clarification website, they also post news, articles and constant recommendations related to current events. They even have their own podcast. Advanced level.