Student Reviews

This is the feedback that some of my students were kind enough to provide. Thanks so much everybody! It has been my pleasure having the opportunity to meet you all.




“Jordán’s reputation clearly precedes him. I live in the Midwest and I heard about Spanish Spoken from a friend of mine on the East Coast! Jordán has a unique ability to pinpoint where you are in language learning, even if your previous methods have been eclectic. His sense of humor keeps me engaged as well as his flexibility to address general questions before returning to pre-planned content.

Even if you haven’t been a student for a while these sessions are ideal because they aren’t about rote memorization or letter grades. But that doesn’t mean that Jordán is lax: he encourages you to try until you get it, though he’s always ready with the answer should you stumble. This attention to detail makes it all the more rewarding when you hear one of his favorite catch phrases: «You’re killing it!» As colloquially fluent in English as a native speaker, Jordán immediately inspires confidence in his skill to chart your journey to fluency.”



“I started having lessons with Jordán as I was travelling overseas and wanted the flexibility of learning online whilst also having private tuition. This has been fantastic as I’ve been able to keep learning Spanish no matter where I am in the world! Jordan is truly passionate about language and teaching, he’s also extremely thorough with everything we learn, so it’s been great to share his energy. I always look forward to what we will cover next!”

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“For anyone that wants to learn Spanish or to advance their skills— look no further than Spanish Spoken Lessons given by Jordán!

Among many other great qualities of a teacher, he is professional, patient, organized, and always prepared with lesson plans that are relevant and customized to your skill level. I like that he doesn't just follow a dry textbook but actually includes how the language is spoken in real life which makes the lessons very practical.

Also, I am a total beginner, and I have never felt silly or embarrassed to speak with Jordán or to make mistakes. On top of everything, his schedule is flexible which makes it convenient to attend lessons. I can't recommend him enough!”

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“I had previously tried several methods of learning Spanish prior to connecting with Jordán (duolingo, podcasts, self-teaching, even an in-person tutor!) and I can honestly say that I have never made such consistent progress. Lessons over skype give the flexibility to be able to have classes when I’m at home or work. Jordán is extremely patient and does well to cater the speed of learning to suit your unique needs. For instance, in my case – he recognized that I already had a good vocabulary and some knowledge of grammar so went through the basics comprehensively but also expediently so that I would be aware of all the rules but minimizing re-learning.

He brings a multi-faceted approach to teaching – between impromptu discussions, reading comprehension, quizzes, and standard lessons. I highly recommend Jordán!”

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“I honestly look forward to my classes with Jordán as one of the best parts of my week. We’ve followed a very well designed curriculum and I feel like I’ve been able to measure progress against clear milestones… but there is still enough flexibility that when I want to revisit something or have a class about something that has come up for me living in Latin America we can do that too. It is patently obvious that Jordán has a great love for teaching and is able to be patient while still pushing me along. I can’t recommend Jordán enough and please feel free to ask him to put you in touch with me directly if you have any questions.”

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“Working with Jordán over the last 7+ months has been great. I had the pleasure of studying with Jordán face-to-face in Mexico for several months, which was a very positive experience. We switched to Skype recently and saw no change in professionalism, impact, or efficacy.

Jordán is super patient, funny, and explains context and grammar in a way which is both academic and easy to understand. Jordán is extremely reliable and can tailor lesson plans to the abilities and speed to which you are comfortable. I can’t recommend Jordán enough for all levels of Spanish!”




“Jordán is an excellent native Spanish speaking teacher who is intelligent, patient and passionate about teaching. He also has a nuanced fluency of English which has benefitted in explanation of those vexing syntactical language differences. The consistency of weekly deep dive sessions has helped me accelerate vocabulary, speech and syntax abilities. We review writing and utilize the internet to dynamically review documents. Jordán has also provided numerous written grammatical examples and exercises.

Thanks to Jordán I have come further in all aspects of my Spanish studies in a shorter time than I would have without his help. I am grateful for Jordán’s fine instruction and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a Spanish teacher. You will benefit from his intelligence, curiosity about the world, and his knowledge and love of the Spanish language.”



“I can highly recommend Jordán as a Spanish teacher - not once I've regretted choosing him when living in Mexico City. He is patient, knows the right expressions and emphasizes understanding why you use certain phrases in different situations. He is fun to have conversations with and quickly spots where my understanding of the language is unclear, never losing sight of the goals of the lesson.

I was especially impressed by his knowledge of language structure: It helped me recognize patterns and know what to focus on when learning at home and practicing (oh, those verbos irregulares...). I have made progress in every single lesson we've had.”

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“I was a complete beginner when I first met with Jordán. I was convinced that I was helpless and felt like I was never going to pick up Spanish, but after working with Jordán for a few months I have come so far and am totally confident that with continued practice I will one day be fluent :)

Jordán is very patient, punctual, dependable and always explains everything in detail. After every lesson I walk away feeling like I've learned something new. Thank you Jordán for being such a great teacher!”

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“After trying so many teachers, I finally found the right one. Jordán is extremely patient, with the right dose of fun and professionalism. I meet with him about twice a week and know that I am better than when I first arrived to Mexico City.

I really wanted to work on my conversational Spanish, as I have many Latin friends and travel to South America often. There were several gaps in my knowledge base, but Jordán fills those gaps, and I feel more confident each time. Also, as a teacher myself, I thoroughly believe in his methodology, and for once, I don’t feel self-conscious about making mistakes and speaking with other people. My lessons are personalized, engaging, and honestly, really fun.”

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“Jordán speaks Spanish very well haha. Without kidding he is a very good and patient teacher. The lessons are very structured and there is room for questions that come up during the lessons. All in all very pleasant lessons. I would definitely recommend Jordán as a teacher.”

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“Jordán is the best! Initially I met Jordán in Mexico City for lessons and have continued working with him via Skype in the last few months. When I began lessons, a friend and I were on an extended trip in Mexico City and decided to take classes 3 days a week. We both are at different places in Spanish but he kept us both learning with new material and by review.

I've continued private beginning/intermediate classes 2 days a week with the intention to become fluent, and the pace is decisive and challenging. He sets up the lessons in an organized manner which would work well for anyone looking for graduated learning that is professional, straight forward, and from an extremely resourceful teacher. Thanks Jordán!”

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“Jordán is an excellent language teacher! He's the perfect combination of patient, serious & fun. I only knew a few words in Spanish when I arrived in Mexico City at the beginning of June, and immediately sought him out for help! Not even 2 months later, I feel comfortable having a simple conversation with strangers.

I enjoyed our classes so much that I've continued lessons with him from New York City via Skype. I highly recommend taking classes with Jordán regardless of the level of Spanish you already have, either in person or via Skype, wherever you are in the world!”

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“Taking Skype Spanish classes with Jordán is a very convenient and affordable way to study Spanish. He explains everything very well and does a good job of incorporating review. I study Spanish because these days it is such an important language to know if you live in the US.

I currently live in Korea and don't have many chances to use Spanish, but taking classes is helping me pick up Spanish again, great to prepare me for returning to the US.”




“I asked Jordán to help me develop my Spanish conversational skills and I felt in a short time I was already able to notice an improvement. He not only corrected my mistakes, but also was able to explain why words or phrases were used a certain way and in what context. He is professional, reliable, flexible with scheduling, and can customize the class based on your specific Spanish goals.”




“I would recommend Jordán very highly as a Spanish conversation teacher. My weekly lessons with him took place throughout February/March 2016 and I was entirely satisfied.

He is a good conversationalist virtually on any topic, and he was very effective in helping me find the right word, or a better word, to express whatever it was I wanted to say in Spanish. He has keen ability to see the language from the point of view of the learner and to help the learner correct mistakes or use more appropriate expressions. He also has a good sense of when to let you talk and when to intervene. It was a pleasure discussing Mexico and the world in Spanish with him.”