Lessons Overview

The following are general schematic summaries of my lesson program. Appropriate adjustments in scope and content will be made according to students needs and performance.



In the basic level you'll become familiar with the fundamentals in terms of grammar, verbal tenses and everyday vocabulary. The topics layout has been designed to allow even complete beginners to follow along step-by-step. By the end of this level you will be able to introduce yourself, your job and ask others the same; describe the characteristics of people, things or places; talk about events and situations in the present, future and past, etc.

Some of the topics are: “estar” vs. “ser”, adverbios de frecuencia y rutinas, “para” vs. “por”, modo imperativo, tiempo pasado perfecto e imperfecto.

APPROXIMATE TIME: 50-60 hours.


In the intermediate level you'll attain a better understanding of the language, completing the whole set of common verbal tenses. Other content will be employed here, i.e. music and educational videos, reading and writing exercises. By the end of this level you will feel more comfortable listening and speaking in Spanish; give people suggestions and recommendations; talk about hypothetical situations and how things could have been different, etc.

Some of the topics are: uso de objeto indirecto + directo, tiempos progresivos y compuestos, diferentes usos del subjuntivo, oraciones condicionales.

APPROXIMATE TIME: 50-60 hours.


In the advanced level you'll achieve a proficient command of the language, immersing yourself into regular content for Spanish speakers such as book excerpts, poems and news articles. The lessons at this point will be largely conversational and we will talk about your interests, be it literature, history, technology or something else entirely. By the end of this level you will have the confidence to engage in conversation in Spanish on any topic. That's it.

The lesson program on the image is just an example of standard topics for this level. The actual content will vary from student to student.

APPROXIMATE TIME: 50-60 hours.